About Us

Bluestem Escrow & Title was formed in 2014 to deliver superior customer service and expertise in the commercial real estate marketplace. Our core belief is that the title company’s role is to be a proactive partner with other real estate professionals to facilitate the closing process--not to stand in its way. We work quickly, we maintain open lines of communication and we anticipate obstacles so we can deliver creative solutions when title issues inevitably arise. Our relationship with multiple national title insurers gives us the flexibility to explore innovative and novel resolutions in complex commercial transactions. We are certified by the Cherokee Nation as a TERO qualified Native American contractor.

Meet Our Team

Title insurance is a contract of indemnity which insures against financial loss due to a covered title defect. It also provides the cost of defense in a dispute for matters covered under the terms of the policy. When something bad happens, an owner or lender with a title insurance policy will be well served to have the insurance in hand. However, astute owners and lenders know that all title insurance policies are not created equal. A carefully scrutinized land title and a precisely drafted title insurance policy will always better serve the insured. Our title examination and underwriting is done by licensed, experienced commercial real estate lawyers who are recognized as experts in the field. This is one of the many advantages which set Bluestem apart from its competitors in Oklahoma.

The escrow settlement process is also an integral part of every real estate transaction, and some transactions can be demanding. We are well-equipped to deal with even the most complicated closings. We employ state of the art technology to assist in this process and work diligently to ensure that the disbursement of escrow and recording processes occur timely and seamlessly.

At Bluestem, we know that our business depends upon the relationships that we cultivate and our ability to deliver the best service in the least amount of time and with the fewest obstacles to the closing finish line. These principles guide us in our daily work, and have made us a “go to” provider for land title services in Oklahoma.